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We are GDPR ready - Don't waste your time booking hiring interviews - Taking Thalento® on a global road trip

date: 28 / 05 / 2018
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Last week GDPR became active. Thalento® has always been dedicated to protect your privacy. Read the Thalento's Compliance Plan to discover our existing, present and future protection measures. Furthermore we added various GDPR sections into Thalento® Cloud to give a clear overview with settings & documents. 


How long does your hiring process take? Recent research found some astonishing numbers why it's taking so long. Thalento® and Plann3r have teamed up to solve this hiring bottleneck. Ready to start saving time & money?


We took Thalento® on a global road trip in May. We visited several events, participated & hosted multiple roadshows and were inspirational speakers at various keynotes.


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