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Ready to give your participants fast and personalised feedback by doing less?

date: 14 / 12 / 2017
We often hear that candidates do not receive feedback on their application. Find out how you can give that feedback with doing less?

It remains an issue that candidates often receive no feedback on their application. This was evident from the reactions which Karen received on her video last week.

For many who are active in recruitment, it’s not always easy to give that feedback. But Career Owners – the increasing number of candidates and participants who take control of their careers – no longer accept this.

At Thalento® we have been aware of this for a while. That’s why you have the possibility to activate a feature in our platform which automatically sends one report to your candidates immediately after finishing their Thalento® assessments.

Based on customer feedback we have further expanded this option. From now on you can automatically send multiple reports to your participants and you can choose per candidate who will automatically or via the results page receive his/her reports.

This way you can give your Career Owners fast and personalised feedback. Feedback that distinguishes you from others. 

Ready to give your participants fast and personalised feedback by doing less? Please contact us for more information.

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