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Major release in Thalento® Cloud

date: 15 / 01 / 2018
As promised, as from today there are a couple of new exciting things in the Thalento® Cloud.

We are very proud to launch the next generation of cognitive tests, the updated invite process and upgraded results page.

Because of this huge release we share a webinar video to show and explain the upgrades on the invite process and the results page. Additionally there is a FAQ document available which deals with the most important and frequent questions about the next generation of cognitive tests.
Let’s walk you through the upgrades in detail.


#1 There will be 2 Cognitive Suites with VALIDATE module

The next generation of cognitive tests consists of a Randomised and Fixed Suite.
The Randomised Suite is the standard Cognitive Test Suite and the Fixed Suite is only available on request.

What’s new?

  1. The Randomised Suite composes a unique set of test items for every participant.
  2. Validate : Do you want to make sure that the participants who completed their tests off-site really took them? You now have the possibility to do a VALIDATE module. The VALIDATE retests and calculates a probability score whether the right participant has completed both tests.
  3. New norm groups : All participants will be compared to new and adapted norm groups. We are very proud to offer renewed norm groups, 3 years faster than the market standards.


#2 Revamped INVITE process

We introduce a new look & feel for the invite process of participants. By changing text into visuals and adding user friendly icons we launch a much easier and fluent invite process.
Let’s go through some of the visuals.


You have the possibility to invite 1 participant, import multiple participants or use short codes.

The ‘Select a test batch’ button will now be activated in all accounts.
This is an ideal tool to create a set of fixed tests linked to returning functions.


You can now visually choose the tests and norm groups the participants will be invited for.

#3 The results page goes visual!

We added some ease of use logic and integrated more user friendly icons resulting in a clear and renewed results page.

Let’s dive into a visual.

New to the results page is the button to automatically send any report directly to the participant.


These upgrades are a first step in our focus on customer experience which will be a driving force in 2018 and 2019.

You can expect more to come!

In the meanwhile feel free to send us your feedback on
Warm regards,
The Thalento® Team

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