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Our Executive Team

  1. Ben Greeven

    Ben Greeven


    Ben started his career in 1979 as Human Resources Manager with an international Belgian SME. Over a period of 5 years up to 1985, he builds his entrepreneurial skills while developing a privately owned holding with activities in electrical installations, Human Resources. Facility Management.  After a successful MBO, he joins Stork Nolte Belgium in 1991 as Managing Director Belgium.

    In January 1997 he joins an International Management Consultancy, combining Business Development and leadership roles.

    He starts his own Strategy and HR consultancy The ASTYRE Group in 2005. In 2010, this leads to the spin-off, Thalento®

    The Thalento® assessment technology was developed in 2006 within The ASTYRE Group.

    Today, Thalento® is a rapidly expanding leader in online e-Assessment and Talent Management technology.
  2. Koen Piers

    Koen Piers


    As CTO, Koen leads the further development of the Thalento® platform.

    Using his experience as a programmer, he translates concepts into applications considering critical issues like performance, security, usability etc.

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