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Thalento® Talent Solutions

A leading global provider of e-Assessments & Talent Solutions

Result driven cloud platform for Career Owners, HR Professionals and HR Service providers

From Hiring over Development to Career Re-orientation, we deliver valuable and  validated people insights



Thalento® in the WORLD



The Global Partner Network


Mission - Vision


Passionate about understanding People, their Talents and Ambitions

Leadership in Talent Solutions with disruptive HR technology 

Dedicated to create the ultimate UX

Advocates of Career Ownership

Authentic & Transparent



Our Team

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  1. Ben Greeven

    Ben Greeven


  2. Koen Piers

    Koen Piers


  3. Tijmen Weddepohl

    Tijmen Weddepohl

    Business Manager

  4. Els Bancken

    Els Bancken

    Platform Manager

  5. Karen Celen

    Karen Celen

    National Sales Manager

  6. Ine Indesteege

    Ine Indesteege

    Business Partner

  7. Veerle Huygen

    Veerle Huygen

    Customer Experience & HR Manager

  8. Jeffrey Excelmans

    Jeffrey Excelmans

    Marketing & Communication

  9. Herwig Goris

    Herwig Goris

    Graphic Designer

  10. Chana Hermans

    Chana Hermans

    Projects & Instructional Designer

  11. Theo Lenaerts

    Theo Lenaerts

    Technology & Development

  12. Ann Dobbeni

    Ann Dobbeni

    Project Coordinator

  13. Hilde Lemmens

    Hilde Lemmens

    Training Academy Manager

  14. Wouter Van Bockhaven

    Wouter Van Bockhaven


  15. Antje Fisseler

    Antje Fisseler

    International Business Development Manager


  1. We are adding an extra dimension to the 'develop' aspect with Thalento® Learning.

    Thalento® is taking e-learning to the personal level with Thalento® Learn [...]

  2. Do you have any questions for me?

    Hello, I'm Veerle, your Customer Experience Manager and I would love to help [...]

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